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FREE SHIPPING on orders 40$+ in the USA

How Activewear Can Boost Your Workout Performance

We don’t need to convince you that getting in that regular exercise is important for your mind, body and soul. But did you know that it is also important what you wear during your workout?

Wearing the right kit can have a drastic effect on your actual workout performance (not just make you look great). 

We at Team MySwaggs know this, and this is why we created our brand. We want to empower you and your workout (more on that later).

To help you realize the importance of choosing the right gear, we’re sharing the four benefits of wearing active wear that is designed to help you on that 100th deadlift.

  1. It’s all about the stretch, baby

Have you ever been in that embarrassing situation where your mid-squat, putting everything into lifting that heavy bit of metal and you hear that awful sound over your headphones….rrrrrripppp.

Well that my dead was the rear-end of your leggings tearing wide open for the world to see. And it happens. OH, SO, OFTEN.

Or have you been winding down after a workout on a floor mat, stretching out those legs but you just can’t quite get your leg straight?

When people buy active wear, they often don’t consider the stretch-performance and technology of the fabrics (and let’s face it, it is not something that springs to mind).

But it is so important.

At MySwaggs, all our active wear is made with premium Italian fabrics that feature a 4-way stretch technology and extra durability. Our active wear works to support you during every session so you can focus on what you do best – crushing it.

No more awkward tears or having to bin your workout set after the 3rd session. 

Pro Tip: If your clothes are your limiting factor, you need to change your active wear routine.

  1. Comfort & Fittt

There is nothing worse than wearing your gym gear that you simply don’t feel comfortable in. A sports bra that doesn’t offer genuine support, or the wrong leggings that are only going to rub against your thighs again, and again.

Yuck. Not fun!

When you’re choosing your next workout wear, consider looking into articles that provide you comfort in terms of the fabric and style (not just one that shapes the booty, although we understand the importance, too).

At MySwaggs, we try to solve that problem in a couple ways:

Firstly, free returns. No. Questions. Asked.

We understand that buying online requires a little more thought, so we want to make it easier for you.

Secondly, we guarantee complete comfort. We do not use cheap fabrics. They offer high-compression and won’t cause you any discomfort that will impact your performance.

Pro Tip: Looking for the right workout set? Check out our sizing chart.

  1. Breathability & Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Ok let’s face it. You’re going to sweat. A lot. So it’ll help to choose the appropriate clothes that can help your body deal with sweat and continue to be comfortable to complete your workout.

There is nothing that will turn us off a workout faster than sticky, sweaty thighs!

Having breathable fabrics that wick moisture away can keep you feeling cool and dry is going to be the difference between that 5th mile and the 10th mile. Give yourself the best chance to feel good and crush it.

Pro Tip: Our performance fabrics are great as don’t promote the growth of bacteria (so no stinky workout clothes).

  1. Street-ready

We know the pain of having a workout session at 8am, and then coffee with friends at 9:30. Rushing to change out of your shorts into something more “world ready” can make you stressed and tired.

We are solving that problem by designing active wear that is Gym-To-Street ready.

Now you can select high-performance gym wear that is also fashionable and could be worn on a night out (although we recommend a shower beforehand!).

All of our clothes are designed in Italy by a team of experienced designers and then tested out on fitness and fashion experts.

We guarantee you’ll have a great look and a great workout, with every wear.

Pro Tip: Check out our Marie Embroidery Set to see what we mean!